Season 4,

TGI No. 42 0 Interview with Alex Piccatto, Screenwriter and Director

April 03, 2019

This is a comprehensive interview with Alex Piccato, Screenwriter and Director of the Short SF Horror film, “KOS”, who won the Royal Television Society East Award for Student Production in 2019.

Here are the questions of the interview:
Alex, please present yourself to the podcast listeners.
When you have discovered you predisposition to visual arts in general, and photography or film, in particular?
How did you pursue your hobby of photography and film in the teen years?
Did you receive support from your family?
How did you choose Anglia Ruskin University for undergraduate studies?
How was the student life?
Which professor or class influenced you most, as a future professional?
Tell us about your postgraduate studies.
What would you recommend to a teenager who wants to study film and television?
How come your passion for H.P. Lovecraft?
What was the most challenging experience in filming KOS?
What was the most fun experience in filming KOS?
What was your most embarrassing experience in filming KOS?
What is your current film project, you are working on?
Do you have another passion other than photography and film?
Please answer with a sentence to the following short questions, saying “…, because…”
Film or photography?
Science Fiction or Fantasy?
Horror or Thriller?
Andrei Tarkovsky or Stanley Kubrick?
Stephen King or Gabriel García Márquez?
Light or Shadow?
Personal fulfillment or legacy?
Your message to the Romanian SF&F fans is…
Thank you!

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