Short History and Other Info

In 2014, Darius Hupov and a handful of dedicated SF enthusiasts embarked on a very special project: the first Romanian science fiction and fantasy podcast – Galaxia Imaginarului. Up until 2017, over fifteen people devoted their skills and time to make this podcast happen.

In November 2017 we thought of giving this channel an international platform. Thus, the Galactic Imaginarium was born. Behind this English spinoff stands a three-pronged team: Darius Hupov, Alex Maniu and Cristi Vicol, aided by a cast of occasional collaborators (see full list on The Team page).

The Galactic Imaginarium was conceived as an Audio Magazine and every episode is centered around one specific topic. These are usually oriented towards European science fiction, fantasy and related genres fans.

We invite you to be part of this project by joining our endeavor or simply by listening to our show. Help us reach more people by promoting the podcast on social media.

All suggestions for improving the content and the quality of this podcast are welcome. Get in touch with us on the Contact page or via the social media accounts of our core members.

Photo credits: NASA and personal photos.

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