The Galactic Imaginarium - International Edition

Core Team

Darius Luca Hupov

Lead Editor

Darius started in 2014 “Galaxia imaginariului”, a SF&F podcast for the Romanian fans. In time, the concept evolved to The Galactic Imaginarium Audio Magazine. He is also a S.F. author.

Alex Maniu

Main Editor, International Edition

Alex is a Romanian translator, editor and English teacher from Timișoara. An English literature major, he has translated and helped publish many award-winning science fiction stories and occasionally writes SF himself.

Cristi Vicol

Special Editor

Cristi is a writer and a Journalism postgraduate from Timisoara. He has published works of historical fiction, sci-fi short stories and a book on the premodern history of his native city. He is a huge fan of progressive rock and 80`s B movies. When it comes to fantasy, Cristi delights himself as quite the kitchen alchemist.

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